Counting Cards At The Casino Is Not Illegal!

If you have ever seen movies where the casino is being beat constantly at blackjack and then the player winds up on the wrong side of the pit boss because they found out he was counting cards, you probably wondered if it was illegal to count. Well, surprisingly, counting is not illegal. It is frowned on, but not illegal. In fact, one movie was actually based on facts.

While it is true that you can’t go to jail for counting cards, you can be banned from the online casino and you will become known and not be able to play in any casinos. The following true story is a case in point.

In the 1980’s a group of MIT students decided to see if they were smart enough to beat casino dealers at their games. They enlisted the help of a professor who carefully put together a group that had the ability to count cards and put them through training. In addition to counting cards, he taught the students how to use clues to help each other win. By the 1990’s this team was hitting the casinos hard and rolling out big money.

At first, the casinos had no clue what was going on. This group of people would come in separately and walk out with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even though the casinos never caught on, the students were eventually caught simply because the winning went to their head. They were treated like high rollers by the casino and they weren’t always cautious. A security guard actually tipped off the casino that something wasn’t quite right when he noticed that some groups of people were hanging out together a little too much.

The movie ‘21’ is based on the MIT students and their ability to beat the casino at blackjack. Fortunately, the students didn’t go to jail since it’s not illegal to count. Who can prove it? The police can’t read your mind and so they have no way of proving you are counting. On the other hand, they can never play in Vegas again.

This true story simply shows that it is possible for someone with the right skill set, namely a memory like an elephant, to beat the blackjack table. However, if someone does, they need to take the money and run, not push the envelope over the edge.